Reunited with ex-husband for kids: Kim Kardashian let Kanye West into home

 Reunited with ex-husband for kids: Kim Kardashian let Kanye West into home

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West met at their son’s birthday party. Sainte Kardashian-West turned 7 years old.

In front of his ex-home, wife’s the notorious rapper’s automobile was spotted by paparazzi. In order to wish his oldest kid a happy birthday, Kanye arrived there. The kids wanted their ex-spouse to attend the party, so Kim made the invitation.

West’s jacket with a print did nothing to change how gloomy he appeared; it simply softened it slightly. The rapper’s wardrobe must-haves include a pair of grey trousers and a pair of tall Balenciaga boots. Regardless of the time of year, he doesn’t alter these two things.

As the father of four got out of his car, he was being videotaped by paparazzi. The rapper had a sizable bag filled with presents for Sainte.

Kardashian was kind to her ex-husband despite attempts to damage her reputation. He was invited into the reality star’s house. Insiders claim that Kim will stop at nothing to keep the father of her children. The TV diva is willing to overlook the rapper’s obscene comments.

Now that he is single, Kanye can spend more time with his kids. The rapper and Julianne Naloo split up, according to Julianne. The model was asked by a fan what it was like to date an anti-Semite. “I’m a loner. I appreciate your concern “Naloo just momentarily reacted.

Regarding his split from the model, the rapper kept quiet. They dated for around two months, Julianne and Kanye. Their split was caused by the musician’s poor behavior.


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