Secret affair with a married man: Julia Roberts found out she’s wearing someone else’s last name

 Secret affair with a married man: Julia Roberts found out she’s wearing someone else’s last name

The “Pretty Woman” actress, who felt she knew everything about her nearest and dearest, was terribly deceived. Julia participated in an experiment that was uncommon for her. With the assistance of Dr. Henry Louis Gates Jr., she became the star of the Ancestory program “Searching for Your Roots” in order to learn more about her ancestry through archival research, DNA testing, and genealogical study.

The actress was dismayed to discover that her real last name was not Roberts. Her family’s archives turned up a hidden scandal. It was discovered that Rhoda Suttle Roberts’ great-great-grandmother had an affair with a married man after her husband Willis Roberts passed away.

“We discovered that Rhoda wed Willis Roberts sometime in the 1850s after searching through the Georgia County archives. The last name of Julia is Willis. Willis died, however, in 1864, which was over ten years before Rhoda gave birth to John, Julia’s great-grandfather. Thus, the inevitable conclusion followed. Upon analyzing the records, it was discovered that Willis was not recorded in the 1880 census and that John Pendleton Roberts was named as Julia’s great-grandfather “explained Dr. Gates.

The historian said how his team searched the state archives extensively but came up empty-handed about the identify of the actress’ great-great-grandfather. But I’m not Roberts, am I?” the dumbfounded Hollywood super diva questioned. “Willis Roberts could not possibly be your great-great-grandfather. He was gone “Henry answered.

Then, using DNA testing on samples from the actress and her cousin, researchers attempted to identify their great-father. “We found a group of coincidences that link Julia and her cousin to the same man… It’s Henry McDonald Mitchell Jr.”

We’re the Mitchells, then. The Oscar winner questioned. The lecturer said, “You are Julia Mitchell, indeed.” Henry revealed that Rhoda and Henry’s mother, who was single at the time of the affair, were only four homes apart.

“It truly blew my head. It’s intriguing. It was a twist that nobody saw coming. Nevertheless, I favor the last name Roberts “Julia tacked on.

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