Separated dog sibling can’t hide their excitement after being reunited

 Separated dog sibling can’t hide their excitement after being reunited

Suzette Hall who is the founder of Logan’s Legacy rescue found two abandoned dogs – Emma and Camryn who stuck with each other after they were dumped. 

An animal clinic called Good Samaritan found them in a national park, took them in, and fed them a few times a day for two weeks.  

During an interview, Suzette mentioned that she tried to get the dogs, but they were too jumpy.

What’s interesting is that the dogs do everything together. The siblings would find their way to their food together, but they would stay around the place they last saw their family. 

Hall also mentions that during strong heatwaves and rainstorms she didn’t think that the dogs would still be out there,  but to her surprise they were!

So despite having a huge national park to wander, they just cling to each other and don’t go around much. Therefore it was really difficult to catch them.

So she came up with a different idea. Suzette decided to grab a tool-  her Snappy Snare and use it to catch one of the dogs while talking to the other one to win him over.

“It took a really long time,’’ says Suzette. ‘’But I was persistent.”

By using her Snappy Snare she finally trapped one of them.

Check out Ms. Hall talking about the pair:

With her tool, Suzette finally got the male puppy and named him Camryn. She then put the puppy in her van and went on with the second part of her rescue plan. 

“I went back to get his sister,  but Emma was already running around the van to get to her brother.”

That’s when Suzette understood that Emma didn’t care about the food in the trap,  she cared about her brother. So she used their bond as an advantage to get Emma.

“ Once I got into the van, I held Camryn to show his sister that everything was alright.”

She didn’t want to give in at first, but at last, she jumped to her brother, and like that the siblings reunited,’’ says Suzette. “ Their love is mesmerizing, you could see how excited they were to be reunited.”

The pups had to be separated for a short amount of time to get checked and vaccinated, but then they reunited yet again.

“After coming back from the vet they were just as excited to see each other as they were the first time they got separated,” says Suzette. “ They were touching noses to show their love. And really, as long as they were together everything was okay.”

Eventually, the puppies were put into a foster home. And Ms. Hall promises to never let them be separated again.

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