“Sexy but not dirty!”: Demi Lovato surprised fans in an open-shouldered dress

 “Sexy but not dirty!”: Demi Lovato surprised fans in an open-shouldered dress

At the annual UNICEF Gala in New York City, Demi Lovato made an appearance. The 30-year-old singer appeared in public wearing a stylish dress.

The infamous music star’s sudden entrance at the UNICEF event caught the rubella off guard. As the evening’s special guest, Demi appeared both on stage and on the red carpet.

The artist made an appearance during a photo call at the start of the event wearing an unexpected costume. The Disney star’s appearance was altered by stylists, who turned her into a true diva. Demi’s short hair was precisely groomed, and evening makeup was applied, focusing on her eyes. Not at all, as the fake eyelashes showed how sharp the artist’s eyes were.

The “Rock in Summer Camp” star sported a sweet open-shouldered black and white dress. Demi displayed the stylish tattoos she had beneath her collarbones. The singer’s slim body was highlighted by the tight dress. The singer’s enormous stone rings were placed on velvet gloves that reached her elbows to complete the look. The attire was completed with heels-heeled shoes.

Demi made her stage entrance wearing a chic black pantsuit with big gold tassels. Black shoes with cutouts and a little heel completed the look. One of Lovato’s hit songs was performed.

The singer’s fans reacted to her stylish appearance. “It’s unusual to see you so sophisticated”, “Outfits like this suit you”, “Demi is not a badass! Crazy”, “Sexy but not dirty!”, “Very beautiful”, – the fans rated.

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