Shakira without Make-up: What will you say?

 Shakira without Make-up: What will you say?

The 43-year-old Diva lives a private life and is rarely seen in public. The singer enjoys spending her free time with her adored husband and youngsters. The 43-year-old celebrity frequently posts photos of herself showing off her unretouched beauty.

Shakira’s admirers shower her with heartfelt praises and laud the diva for her candor. Not all online users, meanwhile, are as supportive of Shakira.

The celebrity recently shared another picture of herself sans makeup. “Without makeup, an ordinary housewife,” “Grey,” “And I really like Shakira.”

“So natural and beautiful,” “Shakira is not the same,” “Get old,” wrote netizens. What will you say? Do you agree with the opinion of Internet users?

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