She didn’t go to her mother. What Vivien Leigh’s “ugly” daughter looked like

 She didn’t go to her mother. What Vivien Leigh’s “ugly” daughter looked like

Vivien was raised in a convent boarding house but had aspirations of becoming an actress. Vivien, then 18 years old, encountered a man who was at least 30 years old when she enrolled in the Academy of Dramatic Arts. Herbert Lee Holman, a lawyer, was engaged at the time, but Vivien made the decision that she would find the ideal partner in any case. As you would have predicted, Herbert was powerless against the actress’s allure. A daughter was conceived as a result of Vivienne and Herbert’s union.

The man wished that his wife’s passion for movies would soon be rendered useless because he did not share Vivien’s interests. On the other side, Vivien had dreams of the theater and a successful career. Lee soon rose to stardom in Hollywood after appearing in the movie Gone with the Wind.

Baby Vivien Leigh was reared by her father; she saw her mother very seldom. For a long time, Susannah had felt her mother had wronged her. After quickly losing interest in family life, Vivien left her husband for Laurence Olivier. Susanna remained in her father’s care. While pursuing a job, Li did not grieve much. The actress soon made touch with her only daughter while she was still alive.

Susanna was able to forget all of her childhood grudges towards her mother. Although the actress planned to see Susanna’s children as adults, Vivien Leigh was not meant to see her grandchildren. 53 was the actress’s death age.

Susanna departed 4 years ago after dedicating herself to rearing her heirs. She was an 82-year-old woman.

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