“She used to be better.”: The press showed chubby Roberts on the beach

 “She used to be better.”: The press showed chubby Roberts on the beach

Julia Roberts, 54, has finally taken a vacation from her never-ending filmmaking schedule. As you may be aware, the paparazzi never sleep and are constantly on the lookout for celebrities. They were able to catch moments as a relaxed Julia wandered along the beach this time.

Users on social media agreed that it is impossible to identify the actress in the images. Many people, however, overlook the significance of the angle. Any person can be photographed in such a way that not everyone who knows him identifies him right away.

Despite the star’s age and slimness, subscribers claim that Roberts gained a lot of weight. When they were looking for her abs, they focused on her rounded belly.

“She’s really not the same anymore,” “She used to be better,” “Always stood out from others for her slimness. Why has she stopped taking care of herself”, “She has lost her beauty,” “The belly has rounded up,” “You need to join a gym urgently,” “You can see that she has gained weight,” – network users criticized the artist in the comments.

Julia’s fans were outraged by the harsh comments. They stated that the actress still looked stunning. The actress’s slimness can still be seen now. Unlucky footage is to a fault.

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