Silk dress with an extreme slit: Margot Robbie created a seductive look

 Silk dress with an extreme slit: Margot Robbie created a seductive look

The actress, 32, took a plane to her home country of Australia. Margot attended the “Babylon” film premiere, which covered the period from 1925 through 1952 in Hollywood. For her appearance on the Sydney red carpet, the actress created a seductive look.

Robbie donned a Versace floor-length dress made of sky-blue silk. Margot’s beautiful shape and slim legs were highlighted by a corset with a deep neckline and a slit on the thigh. The on-screen love interest of Brad Pitt completed the look with a pair of silver stiletto sandals. The “Barbie” movie’s lead actress wore free waves and bronze-colored makeup.

A few hours before the movie’s premiere, Margot nearly suffered an injury. A Dolby, Australia, native strolled across Sydney with her fellow actors. Tom Ackerley’s wife opted for a carefree appearance. Robbie donned a dark floor-length skirt, sandals with stiletto heels, and a grey tank top with open shoulders. The actress had to forfeit her underpants for the sake of the dress. Margot had loose-styled hair, bangles around her wrists, and dark glasses to cover her face.

The Hollywood diva reserved a boat tour of the city with her friends. Robbie nearly got caught in her skirt as she descended to the boat. Fortunately, the actress maintained her equilibrium. The movie diva grasped the boat worker’s hand and walked away.

Margot’s admirers have been giggling loudly at her outings. “Margot is simply stunning. “Her face is exquisite,” “She has a stunning physique,” and “I want to kiss her.” I won’t wear something like this because Robbie reminds me of Angelina Jolie’s late mother, and such stilettos on a boat! What did she have in mind?” – users observed.

Robbie acknowledged that when she was younger, she appeared entirely different. The actress preferred the emo look and never imagined herself as a sex icon. The actress went to rock shows while shaving her head.

The movie’s star made an appearance during the UK premiere. Margot emerged on the red carpet with a dress with an exposed back.

The actress discussed the specifics of her on-set kiss with Brad Pitt.

The movie diva didn’t hide the fact that her performance astounded Angelina Jolie’s ex-husband.

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