Singer Cher proposed to her lover, who is 40 years younger than her

 Singer Cher proposed to her lover, who is 40 years younger than her

Three months ago, the Grammy Award winner started dating Alexander Edwards, age 36. Cher is not ashamed of her age difference with her lover, despite the criticism. This connection has advanced to a new stage, according to the artist.

The Strong Enough singer recently shared a passionate image. The pop star displayed a box containing a stunning diamond-encrusted ring that her boyfriend was holding. “Alexander, I am speechless. He had a really amazing manicure, so I shared it,” Cher elucidated.

The news has the artist’s fans enthralled. “a forty-year gap. I’m curious how long it will continue. She ought to have a prenup,” “She recently lost her mother; this relationship has been consoling to her,” “As long as she appears content,” and “Congratulations!” Be joyful,” “A youthful, hot guy is the key to her youth,” “God, oh God! Did he make you an offer?” users commented.

The pop artist discussed her relationship with her youthful partner in detail. According to Cher, the age gap only appears odd “on paper.” The “Burlesque” movie’s lead actress gave herself permission to become receptive to new emotions. Next to Alexander, Cher acknowledged she felt like a teenager.

The singer recently experienced personal conflict. She lost her mother on December 11. The old woman had a number of diseases.

Cher demonstrated her excellent fitness. At a fashion ceremony, the singer’s costume with cleavage and a deep cut incited outrage.


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