“Singing in a Blackthorn.” How the acting careers of the main characters after almost 40 years are

 “Singing in a Blackthorn.” How the acting careers of the main characters after almost 40 years are

Many viewers fell in love with the series “Singing in the Blackthorn,” and many were already familiar with the plot from reading the book. Viewers in the early 1980s were fascinated by how different the script was from the source material.

Some people watched the series multiple times because they were captivated by the story of pure and sincere love, which they wanted to believe in. Many people sitting in front of screens felt as if it were happening to them.

Since then, nearly 36 years have passed. You and I have changed a lot in that time, as have our favorite characters from the film, and for some, it has become a stepping stone to a career in acting.

Richard Chamberlain

Yes, the 85-year-old man’s personal life is unformed; he has no family, but his career has gone well; he also writes books and enjoys music.

Rachel Ward

The main character is already 61 years old, and she has become a mother of many children, raising three. The celebrity did not continue her acting career; instead, she became a director.

Brian Brown

The actor has a successful career and continues to appear in films. Everything has gone well in his personal life; he is married and has a daughter.

Piper Laurie

The 87-year-old actress has dedicated her life to film and has even received an Oscar nomination.

Christopher Plummer

Unfortunately, the wonderful actor is no longer with us, but his brilliant work is still remembered by many.

Brett Cullen

For many years, the 62-year-old actor has appeared in films.

Gene Simmons

The talented actress and singer died in 2010.

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