“So Fat And Unkempt”: What Does Handsome John Connor From “Terminator” Look Like Now?

 “So Fat And Unkempt”: What Does Handsome John Connor From “Terminator” Look Like Now?

Edward Furlong rose to fame as a young heartthrob, capturing the adoration of audiences, especially female fans, with his role in the iconic film “The Terminator.”

His journey to stardom began unexpectedly when an agent spotted him on the street and offered him the chance to audition for the role of John Connor. Despite stiff competition, Furlong impressed and landed the part, catapulting him into the spotlight and bringing both fame and fortune.

However, success took its toll on the young actor. Amidst the pressures of fame, Furlong found himself grappling with alcohol and substance abuse, neglecting his well-being and appearance. Despite attempts to overcome his addictions, Furlong struggled to fully break free from their grip, as evidenced by his physical transformation over the years.

Recently, paparazzi captured images of the 45-year-old actor looking almost unrecognizable during a stroll through the streets. Dressed in a classic suit that struggled to conceal his expanded waistline, Furlong appeared disheveled, with unkempt hair, stubble, and noticeable signs of fatigue.

Internet users were shocked by Furlong’s appearance, finding it difficult to reconcile the image with the vibrant young actor they once knew.

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