“So young and handsome”: a rare photo of Brad Pitt in 1988 broke fans’ hearts

 “So young and handsome”: a rare photo of Brad Pitt in 1988 broke fans’ hearts

Brad Pitt’s journey to fame began in Springfield, Missouri, where he was raised by conservative Baptist parents. In 1986, he decided to leave college and move to the west coast to pursue his acting career. His first major role came in 1988 when he was cast as the lead in the film Hunk.

He started off with small roles and guest appearances on television shows before eventually rising to fame. Rare photos from 1988 of a young Brad Pitt wearing a yellow jersey have been preserved.

Pitt started a relationship with Shalane McCall shortly after relocating to Los Angeles, and it is believed that they met while working on the set of the TV show “Dallas,” where he played the boyfriend of McCall’s character, Randy, in a four-part episode.

In 1988, Pitt attended the Los Angeles premiere of Red Heat with his new girlfriend, Jill Scholen. The couple met on the set of The Class, and it was the second time that Pitt had fallen for a co-star. However, their engagement in 1989 was short-lived, lasting only three months. In a 2011 interview, Pitt revealed that while visiting Scholen on the set of her film in Budapest, she informed him that she had fallen in love with the director, and they broke up. He later referred to Scholen as his first significant heartbreak.

Rarity alert! Check out these throwback pictures of a young Brad Pitt in a bandana, sunglasses, tank top, sweatpants, and gym sneakers, taken in 1988 in Los Angeles, California.

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