Something Beautiful Happened After a Deep Sorrow

 Something Beautiful Happened After a Deep Sorrow

Loving one’s own children is typical not only for humans but also for animals.

However, in some cases, there may be some difficulties during birth. 

It is not surprising that animals, just like humans, experience a lot in their lives. Passing of children during death is a terrifying experience for animal mothers. Losing a child, in some cases, would mean long-lasting depression. 

The Netherlands’ Queen Uniek, a Friesian horse, was carrying the first child. 

At the beginning of the birth-giving process, the mother understood that something was not going well. The depression made her burn her lips and strut around. Yvonne, her caretaker, supported her in overcoming the depression. 

Sadly, sometime later, the veterinarians found out that the child was dead. Despite the medical caretakers doing their best to bring the child back to life, their efforts were useless. 

Yvonne tried to support and comfort the horse in all ways possible.

The mother horse tried to revive her child by licking him, but nothing could help. Veterinarians removed the child from the stable while Yvonne was assisting the mother. Yvonne was more than sure about the painful suffering of the horse.

Luckily, this was not the end. They were informed that there was an orphaned foal. 

Even though the caretaker was not sure how the horse could react to another child, she decided to take the risk to somehow help.

Eventually, the foal was transported to Uniwek. There was a huge hope that a strong connection would develop. 

The foal was slowly introduced to Uniek by Yvonne.

As expected, the first meetings were hesitant. Fortunately, Uniek enjoyed the interaction with the foal. The lovely connection gave an impression that the foal was her own one. 

Queen Uniek has remained by Rising Star’s side ever since. It was touching to note how the foal she had adopted was always with her. The foal ran and moved around as any young animal would. On the other hand, Uniek kept her child in sight and followed him constantly.


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