“Soon to surpass their father”: what do the sons of “The Mummy” star Brendan Fraser look like and live on

 “Soon to surpass their father”: what do the sons of “The Mummy” star Brendan Fraser look like and live on

After his success in the movie “The Mummy,” Brendan Fraser was able to win over the audience.

Several girls throughout the world were conquered by the tall, trim brunette. But at the same time, the actor started to get generous offers. Brendan’s career and life appeared to take off, and for a time, they did. Fraser was actively acting in films and aspired to perform on the stage.
Everything was also very quiet in the personal life of the ’90s sex symbol. Brendan was in love with his wife Afton Smith, and they raised three children – Griffin 21-year-old, Holden 19-year-old, and Leland 17-year-old, all of whom are now adults – with no signs of trouble until the actress filed for divorce.
This event devastated the actor, who lost his love and millions of dollars overnight. Personal tragedy was so strong and painful that Fraser withdrew into himself after the divorce. The actor ceased acting in films and public appearances.

Frasier had his second chance a year ago when he was offered a movie role in “The Whale”. The star of “The Mummy” willingly agreed to them, and he had no idea that in 2023 he would win the Academy Award for Best Actor!
Brendan’s sons Holden and Leland were also present at the social gathering. They stood in front of their father, dressed in black leather and velvet suits. Many people noticed that the men have a model-like appearance. As a result, they frequently shoot for various brands and fashion houses.
Nonetheless, they hardly resemble their father in appearance. Leland and Holden have different-colored hair, to start. Second, even between each other, their face features are completely distinct.

Where, though, is the oldest son? The actor has made it clear time and time again that he is autistic and really despises publicity. On the Internet, there are hardly any images of him, while there are several of Leland and Holden.


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