“Stylish And So Unique”: The Woman Gathered Materials And Made The Design Of The House On Her Own!

 “Stylish And So Unique”: The Woman Gathered Materials And Made The Design Of The House On Her Own!

Embarking on a journey of independence and creativity, Carol turned her dream into reality by constructing her own compact dwelling, dubbed “The Dragon’s Nest.”

Nestled amidst the tranquility of a wooded area on Vancouver Island, this 320-square-foot home stands as a testament to Carol’s determination and craftsmanship.

In 2019, faced with the challenge of solo construction, Carol tackled the task head-on, meticulously overseeing every aspect of the building process, from nails to glue. Her intimate knowledge of the structure empowers her to maintain and repair it confidently.

Inspired by her artistic spirit and a fondness for the 1800s Roma vardo wagon style, The Dragon’s Nest is adorned with antiques and vibrant hues, reflecting Carol’s unique personality.

This personalized living space contrasts sharply with her previous, larger residences, as she sought simplicity in downsizing.

Beginning in 2016, Carol meticulously gathered reclaimed items and garage sale treasures, slowly bringing her vision to life on paper before commencing construction.

Despite facing unforeseen challenges and undertaking much of the building solo, she managed to keep costs under $20,000 by paying for new materials as needed.

Carol’s meticulous record-keeping, coupled with her honed building skills acquired through volunteering with Habitat for Humanity and guidance from family, ensured the successful realization of The Dragon’s Nest.

The exterior, crafted from dimensional mill Douglas fir and adorned with cedar shingles resembling dragon scales, captures the essence of its name.

Inside, the great room offers a cozy living area, fold-out dining table, and kitchen, adorned with Victorian tin plates from Upper Canada Village.

Each element of the house holds a unique story, from the reclaimed box bed to the antique toilet refurbished to resemble 1800s bucket toilets.

Living off-grid, Carol has adapted to a lifestyle marked by challenges and rewards, managing water, electricity, heating, and waste with innovative solutions.

Despite facing zoning hurdles, she found a temporary solution through an agreement with a landowner, allowing her to reside on his land.

At nearly 70 years old and living with Lupus, Carol’s choice to live in The Dragon’s Nest reflects not just affordability but a lifestyle aligned with her values and needs.

Her commitment to community service continues through volunteering efforts and sharing her tiny house experiences online.

Building The Dragon’s Nest was a labor of love for Carol, filled with obstacles and moments of doubt. Yet, through perseverance, she created a miniature paradise uniquely hers, a haven she delights in returning to each day.

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