“Super Modern Kitchen And Large Library”: What Does The Mansion Of Adele Look Like?

 “Super Modern Kitchen And Large Library”: What Does The Mansion Of Adele Look Like?

In April 2019, news broke of Adele’s divorce from her husband, businessman Simon Konecki. Despite their separation, the couple’s son remains under the care of the star singer. Adele has openly discussed the divorce in several interviews, citing her desire to relocate to Los Angeles as one of the contributing factors to the split.

Following the breakup, Adele was finally able to fulfill her dream of purchasing property in Los Angeles. She acquired two houses, one of which was recently showcased to journalists.

The interior of the stunning two-story house is characterized by light colors, with nearly every room featuring nude wallpaper. The entrance hall leads to the first floor, which houses multiple bedrooms.

Adele’s favorite spot in the house is the kitchen, located on the ground floor. Bathed in natural light and predominantly white, the kitchen exudes spaciousness and warmth. Adele enjoys spending ample time in this area and shares meals with her son Angelo in the separate dining area.

Adjacent to the kitchen is a unique living room, consistent with the overall interior style of the house, except for one striking detail – a red sofa. Adele holds sentimental value for this piece of furniture, although she has not divulged the reason behind it to Vogue reporters.

Adele takes great pride in her home’s outdoor space, particularly its luxurious English-style garden. Together with her son, she savors long evenings in this serene setting. Above all, Adele values the sense of inner comfort that she has achieved by moving into this cozy two-story mansion with her son.

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