Teenage girl gave birth at age 14 and graduated from college holding her daughter’s hand

 Teenage girl gave birth at age 14 and graduated from college holding her daughter’s hand

At age 14, Rachel Campi became pregnant and stopped attending school.

However, the adversity did not devastate the young mother. She made a commitment to herself that she would persevere. She would work and study hard to provide her young daughter with the ideal childhood.

And Rachel recently shared heartfelt pictures on social media after receiving her degree from the institution while holding hands with her 6-year-old daughter.

After attending several different schools and York College, Rachel finally enrolled in a university. Little Lilly-Rose was the biggest inspiration for mom to continue and not give up on this long and challenging trip.

At one point, Rachel was challenged.

She says of her state: “It was very challenging ethically and mentally. Lilly-Rose illuminated my path while I appeared to be moving in the dark. In my first year of college, there were a lot of challenging times. I questioned my ability to accomplish everything, cried as I walked down the hallway, considered quitting my studies, and questioned why I was in such a challenging circumstance.”

Mother and daughter did manage, though. They even collaborated on their mother’s final piece of writing. While Rachel was getting ready for her final exams, Lilly-Rose completed her schoolwork.

Rachel recently earned her counseling psychology degree and diploma. There were several heartwarming moments on the day of the university’s graduation ceremony. Of course, Lilly-Rose was there.

According to Rachel, the young girl gazed in awe as her mother put on a graduation cap. Lilly-Rose also corrected the announcer during the ceremony when she said her mother’s last name incorrectly when calling her on stage. The girl exclaimed, “This is my mother!”

It’s not in Rachel Campi’s plans to stop. She is a passionate advocate for MindMate and the National Health Service and wants to become a public speaker (NHS).

All those with self-doubts are encouraged by Rachel: “Anything is possible if you sincerely want it.”

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