“Tempting figure!”: Kim Kardashian charmed fans again with beach pics

 “Tempting figure!”: Kim Kardashian charmed fans again with beach pics

Today, the Kardashian family’s brightest spokesperson is on vacation in California. She chose to gratify fans with new photos a few days earlier, in which she was dressed comfortably.

Instead of a traditional bikini, instadiva opted for a tight sports top. Overall, the summer dress nicely showcased the celebrity’s stunning tan and feminine forms.


Kim had a morning bath in the water before presenting herself to the fans without her hair or makeup. Already in the next scene, the American actress took a step farther and played with her hair wonderfully. “Puzzled,” Kardashian wrote cryptically beneath the image.


Subscribers flocked to the attractive brunette once more. They heaped Kim with compliments, remarking that she is much more lovely without makeup. By the way, Chloe, her younger sister, admired her sister as well. She does not comprehend how a lady can be so lovely, according to her.

By the way, the star is concerned about more than just her divorce from Kanye West. Workers that assist her family around the house recently went to court, requesting financial reimbursement from the celebrity family.


It’s all about the fact that working under a contract is inappropriate, according to a family acquaintance. In addition, an underage girl was spotted among the working personnel, for which the Kardashians will have to account. If the teen worked more hours than allowed, the instadiva will be penalised for breaking child labor laws.

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