The Adorable Dog That Absolutely Loves To Cuddle With Her Stuffed Toy

 The Adorable Dog That Absolutely Loves To Cuddle With Her Stuffed Toy

We all used to sleep cuddled up with our favorite toy or pillow, to snuggle up to it in our long sleep. Maybe it made us feel safe, or maybe we just liked the feeling of warmth.

What’s interesting is that not only humans like to cuddle, but also animals. Nature has created all of us with the same character and we all have that habit. 

So the dog we’re going to talk about is just like any other human: she likes to play and sleep cuddled up with her stuffed banana.

The 20-year-old doggo – Tessa, has lived with her owners since her birthday. They have loved and cared for her since day one.

Nevertheless, the owners have accepted one important fact: they can never compete with Tessa’s favorite toy.

Her foster mother brought the stuffed banana in hopes that Tessa would like her present. Little did she know that the two would become inseparable. For Tessa, it is the most valuable and special gift.

Her owner claims the dog instantly fell in love with the banana. She even introduces every guest to her most valuable toy.

As soon as she sees the guests come in she runs up to them and doesn’t leave until the guests compliment both of them. 

Unfortunately, Tessa is deaf now but throughout the years the phrase she has heard the most was “I love your stuffed banana!”

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