“The big love of a little man”: how and with whom does the woman, suffering from the “crystal disease,” live?

 “The big love of a little man”: how and with whom does the woman, suffering from the “crystal disease,” live?

Yana is well-known in her community since she is the only person there to have received a diagnosis of the alleged “crystal disease.” Yana was born and reared in a small village in Kopeisk.

Imagine a 27-year-old woman who is 25 kg underweight and has a height of little more than one meter. Before the age of five, her development halted, and her joints became so brittle that any unnatural movement could harm the youngster. Yana made the choice to travel in a wheelchair in order to protect herself.

Despite having limited physical capabilities, Yana is a joy to be around. She goes to work and meets pals like everyone else. Yes, the girl is employed! Yana works as a senior consultant for a cosmetics business.

The girl’s personal life, incidentally, also went well! She is dating a man by the name of Vladimir! The man, who aids Yana and practically carries her in his arms, is in perfect physical condition. They very recently started living together.

Despite the fact that Yana is capable of taking care of herself, Vova makes every effort to make the girl’s life easy.

They were introduced by common friends and happened to meet. Since this occurred 1.5 years ago, Yana and Vova have been unbreakable. They adore alone time, frequently going for strolls in the park and enjoying romantic dinners.

Many people are in favor of the couple, but there are also detractors. Many criticize the man, claiming that he ruined his life. The couple decided to leave the village and move to Kopeysk since they were sick of the judgment.

The young couple shares a family budget that is made up of Vova’s pay, a consultant’s compensation, and a disability pension. By the way, Yana is older than Vova, who is only 22. The young man aspires to drive trucks, but Yana is not really like of this notion.

The two are already used to living together; Vova has taken over the chore of cleaning, but Yana prepares meals like a true hostess. A kitten was just purchased by a couple and given the name Archie. Yana is opposed, but Vova wants a new puppy. They cooperate with one another in all else.

Do you believe in the love of Yana and Vova?

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