The cat crosses computer keyboard, winning a special prize

 The cat crosses computer keyboard, winning a special prize

Animals are incredibly interested in modern technology. Mochi the cat was not an exception. She is hooked by modern TVs and laptops. She was curious, and an exciting stuff happened due to that.

Mochi also enjoys upsetting her mother.

Schleider and her boyfriend adopted the cat after discovering it was an abandoned stray living on the inside of a vehicle.

The animal immediately developed a fondness for computer screens. Since Schleider has been promoted to assistant professor of psychology, a large portion of her work now entails funding applications to ensure that she can carry out the study.

She recently made the decision to take a rest. She wanted to be sure she’d done everything correctly before submitting the application because the grant she was looking for was very significant and valued $100,000.

Mochi chooses to spend the night on laptops because she enjoys the soothing warmth of them.

It so occurred that the cat chose to incorporate herself very differently within Schleider’s work.

Schleider noticed something had changed when she turned back to the screen and glanced at it. She found that the cat had clicked “submit” when submitting the grant application. Can you picture how she felt? Schleider was left with little choice but to wait for the application’s outcome, though.

Mochi appeared to be largely indifferent, and it turned out that the cat was right not to be afraid.

The mom eventually received the grant. She believes that she was lucky because of her extraordinary animal. What a fortunate coincidence!

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