The Cutest Reason Why Dog Insists On Hugging Dad In The Water

 The Cutest Reason Why Dog Insists On Hugging Dad In The Water

A dog named Navó lives in the Netherlands with his lovely owners, who go camping and swimming with their little animal. Being a daring and adventurous pup, the only thing that he is afraid of is water. The dog occasionally feels anxious when water is around, and the pet parents have found a solution. They embrace him and take him in their arms to support him during tough circumstances.

The mom finds the dog’s persistence in swimming snuggles to be endearing every time. The reasons why Navó strives to hug his parents are to feel protected and just enjoy being cuddled.



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He despises it when the mommy and daddy are not around when swimming. And whenever they are there, he feels as if he is in the safest place on earth.

Water is not a new phenomenon for the pet. His father turns out to be a triathlete, and he likes to bring Navó to the harsh training. As the animal adores the parents’ company, he is always thrilled to participate in the activities that they organize. The kind, inquisitive dog enjoys playing fetch and observing the vast world when he is not busy swimming. Observation is his favorite job, and he likes to communicate with everyone around him.

Navó seems to be an ideal dog. He is always there to support the mom when the dad is away competing. The parents describe him as a dream come true and a true family member.

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