The dog chased the bus until the driver would adopt her

 The dog chased the bus until the driver would adopt her

The man did not plan to adopt a new friend, but he could not predict that a stray dog would be so insistent about his adoption. The pup was on the road when the bus passed by. The dog chased it and wanted to become one of the passengers.

The canine made six attempts. The dog would put her paws on the rear steps every time the vehicle slowed, then remove them as soon as it accelerated.

The chauffeur had seen the dog but was hesitant to let it on because he was concerned the stray dog might get aggressive and attack people. The image of a dog pursuing a bus was rare.

The dog felt weary but continued. The bus’s driver soon stopped moving as his heart began to melt. The panting dog did not attempt to place her hands on, though, this time.

She opted to wait as if to request permission before boarding.

The exhausted dog eventually got her wish and took a well-earned nap in the shelter of the enclosed car.

And it doesn’t end there.

The dog refused to get out even after the trip was over. She became become the driver’s treasured new companion and pet.

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