The dog is safe after being chained in the snow

 The dog is safe after being chained in the snow

Rosco, a lovely little puppy, was left all alone in an abandoned house during a harsh winter.
The previous owners chained him up and left only straw to ensure he was warm. They came there once in a while just to give him some kibble. Rosco was dreaming of the day someone would come and save him.
As the weather became even more freezing, the dog became hopeless.

Fortunately, one day a kind citizen called an animal control shelter and informed them about the abandoned dog. The officers hurried up to find the pup and rescue him.

The citizen had noticed that the winter was extraordinarily cold for their region and decided to call for help for the little puppy. When the rescuers came, the dog was shivering to death.

Seeing people approaching him, the animal felt that he was safe. He whined over and over as he felt warm again.

Having eaten some snacks with his new heroes, Rosco slept in the officer’s arms with a satisfied smile on his face.


That moment was captured by the officer and later on uploaded to social media. Saving a little puppy from cold and hunger brought the officers joy and relief.

Rosco spends the rest of his life in the shelter. He is warm and delighted and shows excitement whenever he sees his rescuers. Seeing them approaching, the dog wiggles and jumps with great excitement.

The officers sometimes feel that the pup talks with them. They believe that he wants to show his love and gratitude to them.

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