The dog’s reaction after ripping off his favorite pillow

 The dog’s reaction after ripping off his favorite pillow

Being a dog is not always easy. Neither was it for Draco, yet another cute pup. But one thing that brought him joy in his life was the soft, heart-shaped pillow that made him comfortable every time.

The pillow is everywhere with him, and he doesn’t let anyone else use it. He hugs it tightly and falls asleep.

However, as time passed, the pillow had to be replaced and thrown into the trash bin.

The dog has always treated his cushion with respect ever since he was rescued as a young puppy.
Draco has an insane chewing habit and can completely ruin everything in under five minutes. But because the pillow held special meaning for him, he handled it with care and tenderness.

But when Draco’s black Lab companion asked to share the cushion, he became a touch overly possessive. He hurried over to get his cherished item, ripping the cushion in the process. The worst appeared to have occurred when the stuffing started to leak out.

Fortunately, Draco’s grandmother noticed what was occurring and intervened.

The cushion was so tattered that it tore with ease. Grandma moved quickly to address the issue. She placed the cushion in front of her sewing machine and started stitching.

The process was causing Draco a lot of anxiety. He was complaining while reaching for it with his tongue. He pretended his wife was undergoing surgery.

The dog went to hug his favorite toy as soon as the procedure was over.

The cushion will keep getting repairs from the owners until Draco outgrows it as a toy. Knowing the dog, though, it seems unlikely.

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