The elephant enjoys classical music by this talented pianist

 The elephant enjoys classical music by this talented pianist

It seems that the adage that melody is food for the soul also applies to animals. Paul, a talented pianist and nature lover, performs classical music pieces for the elephants who have been saved.

An elderly elephant that has endured a lot is the most recent animal Paul played for. Thankfully, after living his entire life in imprisonment, he was only liberated. The wild animal was enchanted by the artist’s way of interacting with him, just like many others in front of him.

When the animal approached the piano, Paul was signaled to go over and play him some calm classical music.

Paul entertains elephants, many of which were saved from the logging business. The majority of these animals responded favorably to the sound treatment. He also develops strong bonds with the animals as a result.

You may view one of these heartwarming moments right here:

Elephants have complicated lives and live in a world of obscurity, so it seems beneficial to play piano music if they appreciate it. However, it seems that something exquisite in a piece of classical music unites the musician and the animal.

Many of these giants have had numerous physical and psychological wounds over their lifetimes. But it turned out that the classical music provided all the solace they needed.

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