The family adopted two new members at once

 The family adopted two new members at once

Jessica, a young woman, was shopping at the supermarket when she saw a cute, adorable little puppy. She considered it fate to meet the little angel as the dog did not have owners with him.

He was there due to an animal rescuing program that ensured those adorable animals got noticed and adopted. The woman immediately reported to her husband and asked for his agreement to adopt the doggy.

The Banzhof family was currently adopting a new member to their ranks-Gabe Banzhof’s 10-year-old son, who was formally being adopted by his stepfather. For a long time, the woman was an only mom, but then her partner’s family fully recognized his son and loved him. And now, they were officially adopting him.

The woman introduced Cupid, the newfound doggy, to her family, and as she had anticipated, the dog got along with all the family members.

Nobody imagined how emotional the drive to the courts would be on Gabe’s adoption day.
The son stated that all he really wanted was to have a family that truly wanted, loved, and accepted him.

The family had dinner out in celebration after Gabe’s adoption was finalized. Banzhof let her kid choose the next activity since she didn’t want the enjoyment to end. The son made the decision to go acquire the dog.

They came to the shelter, and the dog was as thrilled as the son. Gabe called it a day for double adoptions and proudly showed both of the certificates.

Cupid moved right in and started making himself at home. He enjoys playing with his brothers, going on runs outside, and cuddling on the couch.

The Banzhofs are delighted that their home has a new normal after only a week of living together. They are so proud of having such a big family.

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