The fate of 31-year-old Kyle Jones, who fell in love with a 91-year-old woman

 The fate of 31-year-old Kyle Jones, who fell in love with a 91-year-old woman

Kyle Jones was chatting with older ladies on dating websites while his buddies were falling in love with girls their own age and taking them out on dates. As they say, people with a lot of life experience are attractive to Kyle since there is always conversation to be had with them. But he actually met his true love in a store across the street from his house, not online. Marjorie McCool is 60 years older than Kyle; let’s meet her.

Marjorie McCool

In 2009, Marjorie and Kyle connected via accident. The 31-year-old was browsing a store when he unexpectedly ran into a woman who immediately drew his attention. At the time, Marjorie was 91 years old, and Kyle fell in love with her right away.

Marjorie finally had some male attention after years of being ignored, and a turbulent romance developed between them.

Getting to Know the Mother

The meeting of the parents was the next phase in building the relationship. Kyle’s mother Cecilia knew what he liked because she reared him. She was not therefore shocked to see his chosen one.

The meeting between Marjorie and Kyle’s mom went quite well. Together, they viewed images from vintage family albums while sipping tea. Cecilia blessed the couple for marriage at the conclusion of the event.


The couple routinely hugged and kissed in the street, showing that they were not afraid to express their love in front of others. Marriage was the next logical step in their relationship, but Marjorie was hesitant to make it.

Marjorie passed away after seven years of being surrounded by love and care.

Kyle’s fate

Kyle has a new sweetheart and is now 42 years old. Jackie is her name, and there is only a 24 year difference in their ages.

After exchanging letters for a while, Kyle and Jackie started dating two years ago. She just moved into the house of her lover.

Jackie is a talented cook as well as a fantastic conversationalist. She is a mother of three. They don’t mind Kyle being their father, despite the fact that they are all older than him.

Kyle has proposed to his girlfriend, and the two are now getting ready to wed.

Do you know why Kyle prefers older women? Would you be able to love a man who is decades older than you?


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