The feat of a mother: a woman had to pretend to be a man for her daughter for over 40 years

 The feat of a mother: a woman had to pretend to be a man for her daughter for over 40 years

Because devoted moms will do anything to ensure their child’s happiness, a mother’s love is capable of being indefinitely self-sacrificing.

Today we want to share with you the amazing tale of a lady who, for more than 40 years, pretended to be a male for the benefit of her daughter.

For more than 40 years, Sisi Abu Dauh, an Egyptian lady, dressed like a male so she could work and support her daughter.

Sisy got marraied at the age of 16, but tragedy befell her family when she became pregnant and her spouse passed away. To be able to support herself and the child, she had to discover independent ways to get money. Sisi chose to pose as a man in order to work because women were not permitted to be employed in Egypt forty years ago.

The woman had to work at many jobs. At first she got a job at a construction site, hauling bricks, mixing concrete, then harvesting crops in the fields. Now she cleans shoes at the train station. Her earnings per day are about 10 pounds, which is even less than a dollar. In addition, the woman was able to build her own home.

Sisa’s daughter was in her grandmother’s care the whole time.

There was no point in Dauch pretending to be a man now, but she was so used to wearing men’s clothes that she still wore them.

In 2015, the Egyptian government honored Sisa with the “perfect motherhood” award.

After Sisy gained popularity in the media, with the help of journalists, she was able to obtain a license and work in her own kiosk. Despite her fame, the 69-year-old heroine continues to work hard for her family.


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