The girl showed how women’s hairstyles changed from decade to decade for 500 years

 The girl showed how women’s hairstyles changed from decade to decade for 500 years

What is in style today may become outmoded tomorrow, and what is currently considered foolish and ridiculous may be at its height in a few hundred years. On her YouTube channel, American Morgan Donner chose to experiment with hairstyles that have been worn by women for 500 years. It ended up being a significant and educational project. Look at it now!


Morgan braided her hair, pulled it up, and added a hat to give herself a look inspired by the 1520s. Only the addition of circular caps transformed the hairdo in the 1530s.


Hair that was braided close to the face also started to become popular, as did the now-famous “baby-hair” curls above the ears. Special rollers had to be added to hairstyles as the volume and curls grew stronger over time.


1590s: fashionable “horns”

By the 1590s, volume had peaked, and curled, charming horns had become fashionable.


While the 1610s are still distinguished by voluminous and fluffy hairstyles, by the 1620s this volume begins to soften and fall. By the 1600s, the little curls around the face grew more disheveled and natural.


A completely different hairdo entered into vogue in the 1630s, and Morgan even had to trim a few strands for it.


A slight elevation in the hairline from the preceding hairdo.


1680s hairdo with a portion of the hair left unbound.


By the 1690s, these hairstyles had become taller and fuller, and there were even little rings on the forehead. The 1720s saw the end of this trend. She also shown a tendency as style became increasingly voluminous.


Then flatter hairstyles take the place of the large volume trend. The portraits display headdresses.


Small elastic curls—for which Morgan need a special paste and powder—became popular in the 1740s.


Hairstyles are once again in style. You can see the sock roll Morgan made to produce this in the collage’s first image.


A cloud of short, curly hair first develops near the face in the 1780s.


Similar circumstances exist in the 1790s, but a ribbon is added.


New age, new look It appears that buns with strands framing the face have joined the scene because women are sick of elaborate, high-maintenance hairstyles. They started getting more precise in the 1810s.


Tufts had become perfectly organized and neat by the 1820s.


The previous fashions are still prevalent in haircuts, but they have grown larger and more fantastical.


Everything that grew too puffy had to flatten out. The era of softer hairstyles began in the 1840s.


In the 1850s, volume is added on the sides.


The volume increases in the 1860s. You may include a floral crown.


It’s time for big, braided hairstyles with loads of fake hair.


Curly bangs are trendy, and hairstyles are once again becoming more natural. The trend persisted in the 1890s, with the exception of a slight increase in volume in haircuts.


The popularity of voluminous hairstyles peaked once more in the 1900s. As hairstyles from the previous decade are discovered, those that are distinctive of the 1920s start to appear, making the 1910s into a transitional era.


1920s style short hair Those whose hair was long removed it in a fashion that mimicked a haircut. There are sweet curls and waves as well as their complete opposite: smoothness. During the headgear and scarves. Hairstyles become softer and smoother in the 1930s.


Variations of hairstyles of the 40s.


The basic idea behind hairstyles is similar to the 1940s in the 1950s as haircuts become shorter.

Late 1950s

The 1950s come to a conclusion with more voluminous hairstyles.


This is how 1960s big, sleek hairstyles become fashionable. But some people want a more unforced, natural appearance for themselves. Ribbons are used in a variety of ways for hairstyles.


Cascading haircuts are in fashion.


Curly madness of the 80s.


Straight, free-flowing hair was fashionable in the 1990s. The layered hairstyle of Rachel from Friends had a significant impact.


Straight long hair, zigzag partings, and a voluminous bouffant were trends in the 2000s.


2010 is the year of braids and waves. Among other things, cult movies and TV series with braided heroines are to blame for the braid trend.


Morgan has already spotted a trend on TikTok where females are creating their own layered haircuts, wearing their hair up in a ponytail on top, and gradually shortening the levels. The 2020s have only just begun. Additionally, she made the decision to try a trimmer haircut and shaved almost all of her hair off.

This video showcases her ambitious project’s outcome.

Which hairstyle inspired you the most?

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