The Instagram star weighed 700 lbs. American Amber Rusty a few years ago and now

 The Instagram star weighed 700 lbs. American Amber Rusty a few years ago and now

Now Amber Rusty hardly remembers that she once was like this.

In these photographs, the girl is captured as she looked several years ago. Due to her overweight, Amber’s feet were not even visible, they were covered by huge folds of fat and cellulite.

Even walking independently was beyond the girl. Throughout everything, a young man by the name of Rudy helped her. He was the only person around Amber that saw the girl for who she really is.

Rudy never condemned Amber for being overweight, supported her in everything.

Rudy, however, abandoned the girl as soon as she had significant positive improvements. Amber Rusty now has this appearance.

She no longer weighs 700 Ibs, lives in a healthy body, keeps to a diet and looks very attractive.

This is what ended the relationship. Rudi feared rivalry from other men who were growing more interested in a stunning girl with a good body.

Amber proudly survived the breakup, and realized that she absolutely did not need such a person next to her.

The girl was upset by Rudy’s wish to have an entirely dependent and powerless “overweight ruin” next to him throughout the entire time they had been friends, rather than genuine love.

By going to the show, all these changes were made possible. “I am 700 Ibs.” Amber’s stomach was reduced with the aid of specialists, who also helped her create a nutrition plan.

The girl will never return to her previous dimensions.

Amber takes great pride in who she is. The most trying times in her life didn’t stop her from becoming the person she is today.


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