The man took the Persian cat, which was never washed or combed. What does a cat look like now?

 The man took the Persian cat, which was never washed or combed. What does a cat look like now?

Often, when purchasing an animal, people do not think about how to take care of it. This is especially true for purebred animals, which may require some kind of special food or shampoo.

As a result, without the necessary funds, the animal may lose its appearance or even get sick. Such a case occurred with a Persian cat named Sinbad.

The owner of an 8-year-old Persian cat was an elderly resident of Chicago. He didn’t seem to have the slightest clue about how to groom Persians, and they need regular brushing and grooming.

The pensioner did not comb out Sinbad at all and never washed him. Over the years of such a life, the cat has turned into a single dirty tangled lump.

The communal worker who came to the apartment even confused the cat with an old rug and was extremely surprised when this “rug” began to move and meow plaintively.

The man was very upset when he saw the animal in such a state, so he called the animal protection service, which took Sinbad and brought him to the shelter.

Animal rights activists immediately set about cutting the cat, and this task turned out to be not easy. When the “suit” of felted wool was finally removed from the cat, he began to weigh two kilograms less.

Next, the animal was examined by a veterinarian, who noted slight damage to the hind legs, and prescribed him treatment.

Shelter employee Elliott Serrano decided to take Sinbad into his home during his recovery.

However, the cat turned out to be so friendly and affectionate that the man simply could not part with him and left him for himself.

Five years have passed since Sinbad settled in Elliot’s house.

The purr has long grown a new silky coat, which is regularly combed by its new owner. He also made new friends – these are several small dogs who already lived in Elliot’s house. 

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