“The Most Beautiful”: The men who have won the title of the most attractive in different years do not appear any worse now

 “The Most Beautiful”: The men who have won the title of the most attractive in different years do not appear any worse now

Every year, People magazine features a member of the more resilient half of humanity in an effort to identify the new holder of the title of “the most gorgeous person in the world.” They started picking the attractive males in 1985. 33 candidates received the honorary title during this time, and some of them were successful in receiving it more than once. We’ll list all of the people who have held this position between 2016 and 2000.

Therefore, D. Johnson took home the victory in 2016. At the time, he was 44 years old, and he is now 49.

D. Beckham received such a title in 2015. He was 40 years old when he was named the most gorgeous person in the planet, but he is now 46.

But when he was a little younger, K. Hemsworth succeeded in winning this title. He was only 31 years old when he was selected, but he is now 38.

A. Levin has undergone significant transformation from the day he was named one of the most beautiful people. When you look at his photo, you can see that with your own two eyes. But since he got the title at 34 and is now 42, additional time has passed.

2012 saw Ch. Tatum. He was 32 when he was now 41.

B. Cooper and others acknowledged Beautiful in 2011. The 36-year-old artist He is 46 at the moment.

In 2010, R. Reynolds won the prize. He was 34 at the time, and he is now 45.

However, D. Depp gained a reputation as an attractive man in 2009. He has reached the age of 47. The star is 58 now.

H. Jackman, who assumed the role in 2008, and the title are not without merit. He was 40 at the time, but 13 years have passed and he is now 53.

M. Damon was among the finest in 2007 when he was 37 years old. He’s 51 now.

Clooney received his title in 2006 when he was 45 years old. He has always been regarded as attractive. He doesn’t appear any worse in his 60s, though.

M. McConaughey made it onto the pages of a glitzy magazine in 2005. He was 36 when he was 52 now.

In 2004, D. Lowe also had a youthful appearance. He was 31 years old when he received the title. Aged 48 at the moment.

Depp is one of those who has received two awards for handsomeness. And in 2000, when he was 40 years old, he received the title for the first time.

B. Affleck was 30 years old in 2002, and he is currently 49 years old.

P. Brosnan was named the year’s most handsome person in 2001. He was 48 at the time and is now 68.

B. Pitt, who was 37 years old in 2000, rounds out our list today. The global star is currently 57.

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