The most fashionable grandmother of the Internet is 53 years old and she looks gorgeous!

 The most fashionable grandmother of the Internet is 53 years old and she looks gorgeous!

“Life is just beginning after 40,”

And it’s accurate. Many ladies in the present era seem younger than they did when they were 40. Sports, an active way of life, healthy eating, and self-care are trendy. Look at this grandmother—regarded she’s as the sexiest grandma online!

Meet Italian Instagram celebrity Jacqueline Berrido Pisano.

It is difficult to guess the age of this woman from the photo.

Jacqueline was born in Serbia when she was 53 years old, but she currently resides in Italy with her daughter and grandchildren.

She has hundreds of thousands of admirers all around the world and has exceptional taste and physical beauty.

Jacqueline is a philologist and a multilingual person. She runs her own tendering business as well. 30 years later, she finally found success.

A woman was referred to as being “kept” for a very long time, but in reality, she developed her own job and started taking care of herself after 30 years, when she had the time and resources to do so.

Her passion is fashion. Prior to being a model and well-known blogger, she took images of herself.

She tweeted a picture a few years ago with the caption, “Grandmother who likes fashion” (“Grandmother who loves fashion”). and detonated the web!

She has maintained her microblog ever since. She is an accomplished individual who has her own business. In December 2019, she turned 53. She has a 33-year-old daughter. The grandmother has two grandchildren already, and she adores them both.

A woman tries to live life to the fullest and inspire others.

Jacqueline maintains a healthy lifestyle, participates in exercise, and looks after herself. How about this grandmother?

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