The “one child per family” Policy, Poverty and the Desire to Have Sons

 The “one child per family” Policy, Poverty and the Desire to Have Sons

In orphanages, there are a lot of girls.

Dawson and Hannah were abandoned when they were only a few months old and placed in an orphanage. They were quite close even though they weren’t brothers.

The friendship between them only became deeper over time. In the picture, they are always together, smiling, and holding hands.

Hanna was devastated to learn that she had been adopted by a US family and would no longer be able to see Dawson.

Unfortunately, Hannah went to the US while Dawson remained in China.

Hannah’s new parents are Sharon and Andy Sykes. Everyone could see how much she missed Dawson, even if their additional two children were happy to become her elder siblings.

The couple received a picture from the orphanage showing Hannah continually standing by the child. Parents realized the children were close since they saw them always holding hands. The family then made the decision to assist Hannah’s buddy.

The destiny of this boy was something Hannah’s new mother felt responsible for. On social media, she posted the narrative.

Hannah had moved to Texas, but her heart still belonged to China.

Amy Clary learned about Hannah and Dawson’s close relationship. The couple chose to adopt the boy when she told her husband about it.

Three of the Clary family’s children were under the age of five. With four young children, they realized it would be challenging, yet they persisted in wanting to raise Dawson.

Naturally, it took a long time to resolve all the problems. But everything came together.

They fervently desired reconciliation between Dawson and Hannah.

The kids had no idea they would move in next door to each other and live just five minutes apart. They are ecstatically joyful!

Dawson, a three-year-old, met his family after stepping off the plane. And at that same time, he observed that his dear friend was hurrying over to him!

He was received by Hannah at the airport. With laughter and hugs, they sprinted for one another.

Adults struggled to contain their tears. How much they yearned for one another!

The Sykes and Clary families became closer because of Hannah and Dawson’s closeness. Now, their families are substantially bigger!

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