The pup who formerly couldn’t bear to be touched now craves touch and affection

 The pup who formerly couldn’t bear to be touched now craves touch and affection

Early on, the 4-year-old dog suffered from mistreatment. The adolescent canine, then known as Kong, was left to linger at an animal rescue shelter with a horrible skin condition that made touches unbearable for the poor animal. He was given the number #387 on the rescue’s website.

However, Curtis, a cyber threat intelligence specialist, didn’t require a name to be captivated by the tiny white puppy with a huge smile and questioning eyes. When he glanced over his profile, he was enamored with his sole photo and the description they had provided.

The busy man had concerns that he wouldn’t be able to take care of an animal because of his schedule and overwhelming deadlines. However, he decided to take the risk and send the application.

Having multiple interviews and testings, as well as visits to the house, the man’s request was accepted, and he had permission to adopt the dog. He changed the doggy’s name to ZIB after a famous Soviet space pup.

A buddy was able to take a photo of the emotional moment that ZIB was finally located when Hartsell arrived at his foster home.

He knelt down right in front of the animal, introduced himself, and asked if the animal would want to accompany him home. He queried the dog’s opinion of his new nickname. He sat across from him, gazed into his eyes, gave his new owner a bear hug, and lowered his head. It was so cute.

ZIB is now the happiest dog in the world having found his dad and a new home. IB is The pup, who formerly couldn’t bear to be touched because of his discomfort, now craves touch and affection.

Having ZIB nearby has drastically improved Hartsell’s life in spite of his initial concerns, and the distinction between who saved who has now faded. It’s shocking to think of how neglected this poor dog once was and how he managed to save him.

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