The rower saves the life of an adorable bird

 The rower saves the life of an adorable bird

The worried shouts of a crowd on shore shocked Marc as he started to move through the sea’s clear waters. The shouts signaled a disaster to him.

He soon saw a bird suffering on an entangled nylon rope near the bottom of a neighboring pier. The man was aware of his obligations.

He brought his ship up next to it, lifted it from the water, and placed it in the boat.

He cautiously took hold of the terrified bird’s head and started operating. The bird was calmed down by a friendly bystander who tossed down a set of scissors and a glove to cover his face.

Wilson pulled a hook from the cormorant’s foot while carefully unraveling the fishing line. The happy bird joyfully took to the air after being let free.

The moment the bird took flight freely, everyone rejoiced.

He was happy to have been in the boat and rescuing the little creature. It was amazing to witness it take off, and Marc hopes to see it again in nicer situations in the future.

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