The story of the actor-giant who could play Bigfoot with practically no makeup

 The story of the actor-giant who could play Bigfoot with practically no makeup

The career of this unusual actor was not long – only 6 years. But during this time he managed to play about 20 roles. You might have seen him in such films as: “Men in Black 2”, “Enchanted”, “Big Fish” and others. Because of his enormous height, Matthew McGrory only got roles of giants and monsters. His height was 229 centimeters.

In 1973, our hero was born into the household of a housewife and an accountant. He was given a gigantism diagnosis even as an infant. He therefore required continual attention and care.

Already in the first grade, Matthew’s parents were faced with the fact that they could not buy shoes for their son, the size just did not exist. So they sewed his shoes to order. By the way, because of this, our hero made it into the Guinness Book of Records.

After graduating from high school, Matthew began studying forensics but never completed it. He was soon mentioned in the media and invited to a number of programs and shows. The directors then piqued his curiosity. In Dead Men Hate the Living, McGrory makes his acting debut.

Matthew was a very talented actor, and such an unusual appearance made him in demand. Next, viewers saw him in the movie “Big Fish,” there he played a giant Carl.

The actor was also an extremely compassionate and understanding guy in real life. He could add to any conversation and was always intriguing. Sadly, gigantism prevented him from leading a lengthy life. Many other disorders that are related to this one are dragged along by it. As a result, Matthew suffered a heart attack and was rendered lifeless. Only 32 years old, our hero…

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