The Vet That Saved the Hedgehog and Got Saved In Returned

 The Vet That Saved the Hedgehog and Got Saved In Returned

Becoming a veterinarian was the childhood dream of Massimo Vacketta. But what’s fascinating is that he was especially interested in helping the wild animals, since pets already have someone to count on.

Although he was very passionate about his job, he couldn’t make much money out of it, so he would have to work at several clinics to make a living for himself and his relatives.

Being between so many jobs had led Massimo into depression, that’s why once he saw the dying hedgehog brought to his clinic, he instantly found himself in the little animal.

As soon as Massimo saw the baby he promised himself to save him at all costs. It seemed as if by saving the hedgehog he was actually saving himself.

He named her Ninna and since she was very much underweight, Massimo fed her, kept her warm, and gave her all the vitamins she needed. He wouldn’t leave her alone for a second. The bond between them was really special.

With time Ninna grew stronger and healthier. She lived at Massimo’s house and eventually started to recognize his voice.

Unfortunately, as time went on he understood that a wild animal had to live in a forest. 

So as soon as Ninna was fully recovered, Massimo took her to a reserve for wild animals, where she could be free. 

At first, it may seem like Massimo saved Ninna, but in reality, it’s really the other way around.  He found his destiny with her and opened a reserve for prickly animals and organized a Hedgehog Rescue Center.

Vacketta was finally happy and as he says,” Because my help matters even if it’s a drop in the ocean.”


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