The woman spent weeks to save this little puppy

 The woman spent weeks to save this little puppy

It’s always uplifting to watch individuals go above and beyond to rescue dogs, but it may also be challenging at times. It may take several days or even weeks to gain the trust of certain stray animals who are wary of people and entice them to safety.

Recently, one animal rescuer struggled for weeks to save a neighborhood dog, but happily, her persistence paid out, and she soon realized it was well worth the effort.

Numerous animals in need have been saved due to Suzette’s efforts, but a recent situation came with more challenges than she had anticipated.

She received a message informing her that a tiny dog had been spotted alone in an urban neighborhood. According to reports, the dog had been left alone for three weeks until the woman intervened.

It turned out to be harder than anticipated to bring the dog to safety. Nothing she did to entice her with food would succeed since the staff there would drive her away.

Suzette spent several days and nights at the location attempting to calm the fearful dog. After enticing her into a truck yard, she almost succeeded in getting the dog on a leash. The dog then vanished from the scene when that attempt was again unsuccessful.

Despite the woman’s endless efforts, the dog refused to take the help. So, she was very upset.

She received a second report about a pup in need two weeks later, but the dog was still missing. When she got on the spot, she was delighted to discover that the dog she had been attempting to save.

She finally managed to get the reticent puppy into her car. Despite the challenges, the small dog was clearly delighted to be saved; a picture of the animal shows it grinning up at Suzette:

Suzette believes that the joy on this adorable puppy’s face made all the tears and effort to get her to safety worthwhile.

The dog was the most challenging rescue that she had ever done. Thanks to Suzette’s diligence and persistence, this adorable little puppy has a very promising future for her.


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