The Woman’s Three Children, Dark-skinned, Light-skinned, and Biracial, Share a Father: Yet Critics Remain Unsatisfied

 The Woman’s Three Children, Dark-skinned, Light-skinned, and Biracial, Share a Father: Yet Critics Remain Unsatisfied

Carla Bellucci, a 37-year-old ex-model based in Hertfordshire, UK, boasts an impressive following of over 100,000 Instagram followers. Recognizing herself as a “global controversial media sensation,” she has also earned a reputation from the media as “the most hated woman in England.”

Not too long ago, she became a tabloid sensation when she confessed to feigning depression. To secure a free rhinoplasty, the influencer manipulated her doctor by pretending to be affected by severe mental illness. She confidently declares, “I yearned for the perfect nose and now I have it. I am indifferent to people’s opinions. Some may consider that I exploit the healthcare system, but that’s its purpose.”

Recently, Carla revealed to the Daily Mail that it’s not just her who is subjected to social media vitriol but her children too, a fact that deeply disturbs her as no child should be subjected to such hate.

The Instagram influencer is a mother of three: Jermaine, 16, Tanisha, 14, and Jayden, 12. She had her two sons and daughter with her ex-husband, Cornel Nurse, a 41-year-old who immigrated to the UK from Barbados. However, because each of her children varies in appearance, they have attracted undue attention.

Jermaine has olive skin resembling a Mediterranean, Tanisha is dark-skinned with African curls, and Jayden has fair skin, blond hair, and green eyes. Due to this range of appearances, some suspect that one of Carla’s children may not be from her husband, or that she might have adopted them.

She confesses, “All my children share the same father, a black Caribbean. I’m white, yet I am consistently labelled a prostitute and accused of sleeping around. People question how these children could be mine when they are all of different shades.”

“We are relocating in a fortnight. I am aware that wherever we go, the comments will follow, but I aim to distance ourselves from the locals following the attack.” The influencer admits she started hearing inappropriate comments about her children when they were younger. People would point out their looks and say things like, “Don’t they look different?” One day, a stranger in Starbucks even asked, “Are they all yours? They are different colors!”

But things escalated when all three started attending school together. As Tanisha’s skin darkened over the years while Jayden remained fair, people began to assume Tanisha was adopted.

“They would return home nearly every day, tearfully sharing that they were told at school they couldn’t be siblings.”

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