“Born 19 years ago”: Heidi Klum showed touching footage with her model daughter

 “Born 19 years ago”: Heidi Klum showed touching footage with her model daughter

Leni celebrated her 19th birthday on May 4th. She had scheduled a day off to spend with the birthday girl. Heidi and her daughter first went shopping on Manhattan’s west side.  

The 49-year-old supermodel dressed up for the family outing. Klum Sr. dressed down with a black T-shirt, velour jacket, and beige caracool hat. The actress’s daughter was dressed in a black sweatshirt and a leather jacket. Leni and Heidi wore dark glasses to hide their faces.

The former Victoria’s Secret model posed with her daughter. On a bustling New York City street, the models grabbed a close-up image. They appeared to be content and at ease.

In honor of the holiday, the mother of many children allowed the girl to break the ban on alcohol until adulthood. Heidi and Leni each drank a plastic cup of a drink resembling champagne. “Leni Klum Day. Born in the Big Apple 19 years ago,” Klum Sr. wrote. The host of America’s Got Talent accompanied the post with the hashtag, “Time flies when you’re having fun.”

A birthday cake with Leni’s initials on it was already waiting for her when she arrived home. Klum Jr. changed into a more festive costume. The catwalk model wore a white jumpsuit with exposed shoulders and a huge gold chain around her neck. With pink balloons in her hands, the model’s daughter posed at the holiday table.

Heidi Klum’s child with Italian tycoon Flavio Briatore is Leni. The supermodel ended her relationship with the girl’s father before she was even born. Klum and artist Seal have three children: 17-year-old Henry, 16-year-old Johan, and 13-year-old Lou.

Heidi cares deeply about her eldest daughter. The catwalk and glossy sensation has collaborated on multiple fashion photos with Leni. Klum just became the face of the Intimissimi brand’s ad. The wife and stepdaughter of artist Tom Kaulitz tried on lace lingerie sets.

The photo shoot provoked a strong reaction from the public. Many people found the shots inappropriate. “Very strange to see mother and daughter in revealing outfits,” “Mom is trying to compete with her daughter?”, “I wouldn’t show my daughter from such revealing sides,” fans commented. Others called it “nepotism,” “embarrassment” and “shameful.”

Leni, on the other hand, does not reply to the criticism. She is honored to be able to work on the same platform as her talented mother.

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