“They were married for 25 years”: How Arnold Schwarzenegger’s ex-wife lives and looks today

 “They were married for 25 years”: How Arnold Schwarzenegger’s ex-wife lives and looks today

Without a relationship with “The Terminator,” Maria Shriver had plenty of opportunities to become famous. In general, it is still feasible to argue who is further along the path to fame. Looking at the images of this attractive woman with sparkling optimistic eyes, you get the impression that she hails from a decent household. Her ancestors bestowed her with her stature and beauty.

Maria was born in the year 1955. She is a Kennedy family descendant (the 35th niece of the American president).

From a young age, the girl’s mother and father began to consider her daughter’s education and upbringing. They felt she should go into politics because that’s what members of a famous dynasty should do.

Shriver, on the other hand, decided she wanted to study journalism. She was excelling in this area. She soon met Arnold. A young couple’s romance lasted up to nine years, but their marriage did not. The reasons for this were unclear: whether Mary was afraid to contact the young actor herself, or if she was pressured by her family. Yet the guys did eventually marry in 1986.

Schwarzenegger was already popular at the time, had been given intriguing parts, and his financial circumstances had greatly improved. Maria herself rose through the ranks at NBC, becoming a correspondent. The family has two girls and two sons.

Shriver made an excellent wife. In addition, when he became governor of California for the second time in 2003, the actor bestowed upon her the title of First Lady of California. By the way, it was Maria who affected her husband’s political career. She is, in fact, a well-trained public speaker who is also incredibly tenacious and relentless.

In 2011, the woman stepped down as California’s First Lady. She then informed Arnold that she no longer desired to live with him. What prompted her to make this decision after 25 years of marriage? It’s straightforward. The public learned that Schwarzenegger had an affair with the housekeeper, who gave birth to the man’s child.

Of course, Maria was startled and refused to accept the treachery, even though Arnie begged her forgiveness and publicly apologized for what he had done.

It is unknown whether the divorce has been finalized or whether the trials are still ongoing. Yet the ex-spouses have long maintained their separate lives, communicating only on holidays set aside for joint children.

Shriver is usually charming in public and speaks effectively with Arnold. He, on the other hand, seeks refuge in other females following their breakup. Maria’s personal life has been tough to organize, but for some time now, there have been reports on the Internet regarding her affair with Matthew Dowd.

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