“They were married for 25 years”: How Arnold Schwarzenegger’s ex-wife lives and looks today

 “They were married for 25 years”: How Arnold Schwarzenegger’s ex-wife lives and looks today

Maria Shriver had plenty of chances to become well-known before she met “The Terminator”. In general, it’s still debatable who and whom is further along the road to fame. You can tell from looking at the images of this interesting woman with her bright, glistening eyes that she hails from a good household. She received her height and beauty from her forefathers.

In 1955, Maria was born. She is a Kennedy family ancestor (the 35th niece of the American president).

The girl’s parents started thinking about her daughter’s education and upbringing at a young age. They believed that she should get into politics because it is what a well-known dynasty should do.

Shriver herself, though, made the decision to pursue a career in journalism. She was doing extremely well in this area. She quickly met Arnold. The young couple’s romance endured for the entire nine years, but their marriage did not. It wasn’t clear why Mary didn’t talk to the young actor—maybe she was afraid, or perhaps her family was pressuring her. However, the guys did get hitched in 1986.

Then, Schwarzenegger had already achieved fame, received intriguing role offers, and his financial circumstances had dramatically improved. Maria herself was successful at NBC, rising to the position of correspondent. There were 2 daughters and 2 sons in the family of 4.

Shriver made a great wife. Additionally, the actor gave her the title of First Lady of California in 2003 because he was elected governor of the state for two terms at the time. Maria, incidentally, had a positive influence on her husband’s political career. She has had training in public speaking, and she is also highly obstinate and relentless.

The woman gave up her position as California’s First Lady in 2011. She then informed Arnold that she was leaving his household. After 25 years together, what led her to make that choice? It’s easy. The fact that Schwarzenegger had an affair with the housekeeper, who later gave birth to the man’s child, was made public knowledge.

Maria was obviously horrified and did not want to accept the treachery, despite Arnie’s efforts to beg her pardon and even his public admission of guilt. It is currently unknown if the divorce has been finalized or if the legal proceedings are still ongoing.

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