This Cute Rescue Puppy Rejects Dropping The Toy He Recently Received

 This Cute Rescue Puppy Rejects Dropping The Toy He Recently Received

Rescuers gave Froggy bed linen and a stuffed frog to help him rest and comfort when he was admitted to the Broward County Humane Society.

This was the first time Froggy got his own toy, so he was thrilled. He enthusiastically grabbed his new friend and did not let go.

According to Broward County Human Society digital marketing consultant Susan Leonty, the dog whined for hours in pleasure while carrying its stuffed frog in its mouth.

Froggy was rescued last summer from 4,000 beagles from an abusive kennel in Virginia. The Broward County Animal Society volunteered to help find a new home for the dogs, along with 120 other shelters and rescuers.

“The dogs didn’t have names when they arrived at our shelter,” says Leontiy, “instead, they had tattoos with numbers in their ears. When we entered the dog shelter, we found him holding a fluffy toy frog in his mouth and refusing to let it out. We were so touched by his response that we decided to name him after his favorite Froggy toy.”

Froggy took his plush toy as a babysitter. Rescuers often found him in their kennel, holding him in their teeth. Froggy was happy to swap out a plush toy for another on those days when the toy was washed, but as soon as it finished cleaning, he quickly returned to his beloved frog.

Eventually, Froggy went to live with his permanent family and left the humane organization. The timid pup gained self-confidence and turned into an energetic, athletic prankster. Subsequently, Froggy realized that there is so much in the world for him to enjoy and no longer worries about being taken away, despite being sent home with his comfort toy at first.

Froggy no longer has to worry about being alone thanks to the commitment and help of so many animal lovers. He used to be afraid of losing his one little comfort.

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