“This is too much:” pudgy Ashley Graham flashed a chubby body in a provocative dress

 “This is too much:” pudgy Ashley Graham flashed a chubby body in a provocative dress

The model put her foot up too much. Ashley Graham is not afraid to present herself in all of her glory.

The well-known plus-size model has earned a place in many women’s hearts. Ashley has reached great heights both in the fashion sector and online despite her astounding weight. The model exemplifies how every woman is attractive in her own unique way and has the right to dress however she pleases.

“I have been told many times that my self-confidence is not just noticeable, but also contagious. I liked this idea so much that it has become a way of life for me,” the model expressed in one of her interviews.

Because of this, the Hollywood diva frequently posts pictures of herself wearing skimpy clothing and even reveals some body parts with all their flaws (read more: Ashley Graham showed her belly without filters – after this photo you will want to throw away all the food).

The mother of several kids is not afraid to appear in unguarded photos and attend social gatherings. Ashley donned a gorgeous satin dress in the color of brownie with an open cleavage area and a deep slit on the hip to accept a fashion award.

Graham wanted to show her admirers how honest the neckline on her dress was by kicking her right leg up high after getting dressed for the occasion.

The model was really elegant at this precise time, but due to the stance, she revealed a little bit too much, making all of Ashley’s cellulite on her legs very evident.

Fans were not at all confused by this. On the contrary, they supported the mother of many children and once again noted that she was real.

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