This pup enjoys his flight on an airplane

 This pup enjoys his flight on an airplane

This adorable puppy named Louie was delighted on his first flight and had a huge excitement while admiring the view out the window. Amanda Vargas, the small golden retriever’s adoptive mother, captured a video of the happy puppy leaning out the window to watch the sunset.

Amanda, Loui’s mom, picked up her new pet from his previous home and brought him to her house.

They had a long day of travel. Louie sat on Mom’s lap and observed the dusk as their aircraft took off later than scheduled.


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Although the pup was not supposed to be removed from his shipping carton, the mom took a chance and placed him on her lap. No one had any objections to the puppy’s inclusion, and Louie behaved admirably on his initial voyage.

The pup behaved in such a quiet and organized way that only a few passengers actually noticed him.

Louie is now a cheerful teenage boy after living in his new house for several months. Leo, another stunning golden retriever, is now his older brother. These two boys like racing together at the parks, and their harnesses are even the same.

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