“Three sons help”: terminally ill Celine Dion says she has no choice

 “Three sons help”: terminally ill Celine Dion says she has no choice

The 54-year-old Celine Dion was open about her health. The singer acknowledged that she now needs to put her own health first.

The Canadian performer has a syndrome of muscle stiffness. The condition is regarded as terminal. The Grammy Award winner appears to transform into a “living statue” as her body remains frozen in peculiar poses and her muscles twitch erratically. Patients might potentially lose their ability to speak or walk.

The following year’s planned European tour for Dion had to be postponed. Fans sympathized with the singer and showed unwavering support for her. “Celine is really grateful for all of the love and encouragement from her admirers. Despite her difficult circumstances, she makes every effort to return to the stage and perform for her admirers,” insiders were cited as saying.

A heartfelt plea was recorded by the musician. “I apologize for taking so long to get in touch with you. I can’t wait to come back on stage again because I miss you so much. I’ve always been like an open book, as you know. Previously, I wasn’t prepared to discuss my sickness, but now I am,” Celine assured.

She underlined that just one person in a million is affected by the condition she has. Every area of the star’s life is impacted by the illness. “I have to focus on my health if I want to see you again. I sincerely aspire to improve,” the star mentioned.

Nelson and Eddie, twins who are 12 years old, and Renee-Charles, 21, are Celine Dion’s other two sons. In her marriage to her manager Rene Angelil, the singer gave birth to sons. In 2016, the star’s husband passed away following a protracted battle with cancer.

“Her sons have supported her nonstop. Celine now communicates frequently with her kids. She is an example of perseverance,” said the insider.

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