Time spares no one: how 18 celebrities have changed from their first career roles

 Time spares no one: how 18 celebrities have changed from their first career roles

We offer to set up a brief flashback of the youthful selves of today’s celebs. When you see someone on a daily basis or at least occasionally, the amount that person has changed through time is not as noticeable. The performers in the blue screen experience this. Unfortunately, aging has an adverse effect regardless of how well you take care of yourself, though we will give credit to those who do so consistently.

Prepared simply a few images of well-known Western performers and actresses as a point of reference.

Keanu Reeves played a part in the 1986 movie “By the River,” then 34 years later

Enough time has elapsed between the 1992 photograph of Uma Thurman on the left and the current image.

Hercules in New York was Arnold Schwarzenegger’s debut motion picture role (1970). Additionally, the governor was in office in 2019

Let’s take Jodie Foster for comparison

The Oscars last year and the still-unknown Joaquin Phoenix (1995 role)

Cameron Diaz performed the same role in 2019 as she did in the cult comedy The Mask (1994)

Recall this being one of Dolph Lundgren’s debut performances. He played the role of Ivan Drago in the 1985 movie, and the most current image is from 2019.

“Double Impact,” which was released in 1991 and featured a frame from the 2019 picture, is one of the action movies in which Jean-Claude Van Damme has starred.

One of Brad Pitt’s parts in the television series The Glorious Days can be found in his resume (1990). Set it aside for 2020.

Tom Cruise was photographed in these images in 1983 and 2020, which is a nearly 40-year difference.

Pamela Anderson’s “Playing Cop” (1994), one of her earliest roles, up against 2019.

Tim (1979) and “The Force of the Elements,” two films starring older Mel Gibson (2020)

A still from the 1991 movie Abuse starring Monica Bellucci and an image from the 2020 occasion

Have you watched the comedy “Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown” from 1988, which has Antonio Banderas playing this character? image of the moment on the right

Fans of Johnny Depp who have seen every movie in which he appeared will undoubtedly recall his first significant performance in the musical Cry-Baby (1990). Compared to a recent official event photograph

In the 1993 movie Cyborg 2: Glass Shadow, Angelina Jolie played the lead role. 27 years later, the woman is still competent.

In Critters 3, Leonardo DiCaprio resembles a toddler almost entirely, but he grew up for the Oscars (2020)

Another intriguing comparison is with childhood: Drew Barrymore in the 1984 film “Inflaming Eyes” and the present image

Which performer from the list below maintains a youthful appearance despite the changes?


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