“Timeless beauty!” Christie Brinkley, 69, surprised the public with her swimsuit look

 “Timeless beauty!” Christie Brinkley, 69, surprised the public with her swimsuit look

Cosmetic surgery, Botox, fitness, and diet – admirers are always trying to figure out how Brinkley got her present look. The American model, who featured for a swimsuit magazine in the 1980s and was the face of a cosmetics brand, appears astonishingly young despite the fact that she will turn 70 next year.

Christie Brinkley, 69, is now on holiday in the islands and is sharing her excitement with her social media followers. Her most recent snapshot caused quite a stir! Brinkley dressed in a blue fused bikini she purchased in the 1980s for a shot for a popular glossy magazine.

You can’t help but be envious of her! Consider how stunning she would have looked in a swimsuit she wore 40 years ago.

The swimming suit highlighted the star’s gorgeous tan, and the haphazard styling and lack of makeup enhanced her beauty even more.

Christie changed her swimsuit to red and wore a beach shirt in another photo.

“Joy is good for your health, your heart and your soul, so plan a vacation, grab a vacation at every opportunity, create joy!” the model captioned these photos.

When we compare images of Christie in her youth and now, we can notice that the volume of her lips hasn’t changed and her cheeks haven’t changed, which is nearly hard to do without help. Her eyes are longer, her chin is sharper, and her teeth have veneers.

The model, of course, has genetically good data, such as thick and lustrous hair, smooth skin, and a lovely pointed face shape. Yet, without regular visits to a beautician and careful care, everything would appear very different.

Brinkley deserves credit for performing all of her procedures without going crazy and keeping things natural. And, of course, she maintains her physical fitness.

She also practices yoga at least five times per week and runs every morning.

“I try to do up to 100 pushups every day,” she says. – I usually do 30 push-ups before I take a shower, and then I do the rest during the day.”

According to Brinkley, the fundamental secret to beauty and youth is what you eat and how much you exercise. It’s also about smiling, which visually tightens your face and aids in the release of endorphins, the happy hormone.


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